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We provide a 3-month guarantee for all of our work.

Personnel search and careers

Nefelė is unique in that during the recruitment process, we do not rely on the personality tests used elsewhere. Our firm believes that each candidate is a unique personality for whom there exists a job in the business world that ideally suits his or her expertise, and we are able to evaluate the candidate’s talents during a personal interview.

Employee search

The assessment, recruitment and selection of employees is an important process which requires specific skills and experience. Nefelė’s recruitment specialists can take pride in their valuable experience and expertise, which enables them to help companies and organizations in various fields look for new employees.

We provide a 3-month guarantee for all of our work.

The recruitment and selection of managers

Manager – the head of the company's staff, which must have excellent organizational, social, strategic ability, which can motivate each employee.

We can offer a manager for the entire company or a manager for a certain department or group within the company. In both of these cases the recruitment of managers that we conduct and their employment in the client’s company are inseparable from the clear criteria which top-level executives stand out for. These are professionals who must have excellent strategic and organizational skills, who are capable of leading a team, who have all of the competencies required to communicate with each and every employee, and who are able to lead the company towards progress.

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