The recruitment and selection of managers

These days, the term “manager” is interpreted in different ways. Each organization has its own unique staffing structure, which might not be suitable for another business or company. However, one common general error can be observed in many companies. The recruitment and selection of managers is carried out without realizing that this position is nothing other than leadership in the strict sense of the word. Leadership means leading the company’s employees forward, being able to be their leader and having the necessary organizational skills. For this reason, a position such as “product manager” sounds illogical. Yet various management recruitment companies still overlook this important error when recruiting managers.

From our point of view, a manager is first and foremost the leader of a group of people. The recruitment of managers at our company is therefore carried out based precisely on this principle.

Nefelė has experience in recruiting not only various professionals, but also top-level managers. We offer various companies two types of services related to management recruitment

  • we can recruit a manager for the entire company;
  • we can find a manager for a certain department or group within the company.

In both of these cases the recruitment of managers that we conduct and their employment in the client’s company are inseparable from the clear criteria which top-level executives stand out for. These are professionals who must have excellent strategic and organizational skills, who are capable of leading a team, who have all of the competencies required to communicate with each and every employee, and who are able to lead the company towards progress.

We want to negate the incorrect attitude that has formed that recruitment of a company manager (just like recruitment of sales professionals) must be based on the candidate’s experience in a specific field of the company’s activities. Today, managers and sales professionals have all of the necessary skills which allow them to impeccably carry out their duties in companies affiliated with the food industry, the fashion industry or another field.

If a progressive approach to manager recruitment is not foreign to you and you are looking for a competent professional to help your company create value, leave the recruitment to us.