Employee search

The assessment, recruitment and selection of employees is an important process which requires specific skills and experience. Nefelė’s recruitment specialists can take pride in their valuable experience and expertise, which enables them to help companies and organizations in various fields look for new employees.

We would like to suggest that every company that has previously organized staff recruitment independently leave it to us this time. Let your work be limited to what you do best, and give us the job of finding the right professionals to drive your business.

A considerable portion of employers take on recruitment themselves because they think that they are best able to assess the qualities necessary for a sales or product manager or other position in another person. However, experience shows that in each of these cases, the company managers end up greatly disappointed that they never did find a suitable specialist and wasted so much valuable time in the process.

Our goal is to quickly and accurately connect two different puzzle pieces – your company and its future employee.

Nefelė is unique in that during the recruitment process, we do not rely on the personality tests used elsewhere. Our firm believes that each candidate is a unique personality for whom there exists a job in the business world that ideally suits his or her expertise, and we are able to evaluate the candidate’s talents during a personal interview.

Another unique principle in the organization of our work is the attention given to the interview with the client. We don’t select employees “just because” – thanks to this process, we can understand what is best for the client’s company. Only after a detailed conversation comes the second stage – the actual employee search.

During the conversation with the client:

  • we clarify the wishes of the organization or company,
  • we do away with the false beliefs and stereotypes about employee recruitment and selection,
  • we present conclusions on what kind of professional the company actually needs.

We are professionals in our field, so it is usually already during the first interview with the client that we can evaluate and visualize what the client needs.

We have amassed a database of professionals that allows us to select the right candidate for companies in sometimes as little as three days. This is the final phase of recruitment, after which our clients can already enjoy their expanded team.